Exploring MapReduce for Large Collections of Phylogenetic Trees




Dr. Suzanne Matthews

Dr. Suzanne J. Matthews is an assistant professor of computer science at the United States Military Academy, West Point. Her research centers around creating efficient algorithms for analyzing, storing, and sharing large collections of phylogenetic trees. She received her B.S. and M.S. degrees in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and her Ph.D. in Computer Science from Texas A&M University. Her honors include a Dissertation Fellowship from Texas A&M University, a Master Teaching Fellowship from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and memberships in the honor societies of Phi Kappa Phi and Upsilon Pi Epsilon. She is an alum of the CRA-W CMW-E and Grad Cohort workshops, as well as the Distributed Mentor Project (DMP).

Rosemary Betros

Rosemary is a firstie (senior) and a computer science major at West Point. She is also the captain of the West Point Crew Team.

Jorge Figueroa-Cecco

Jorge is from Tucson, AZ and currently studies computer science as a junior at West Point. At West Point, Jorge acts as the Operations Officer for the West Point Paintball Club. Jorge hopes to branch Military Intelligence and later attend MIT for graduate school.

Lisa Jones

Lisa hails from Chandler, Arizona and is a yearling (sophomore) at USMA. She is a computer science, mathematical sciences, and physics major and hopes to branch Signal Corps or Military Intelligence. Her professional and research interests lie in computer network operations, cryptolinguistics, and quantum cryptography. Outside of class, Lisa is a member of SIGSAC, SPS, and the Mathematics Forum; she also plays the tuba in the Cadet Spirit Band and studies classical piano."

Nathaniel Rollings

Nathaniel is from Beaufort, SC. He is a senior majoring in Computer Science and Physics at West Point. He plans to branch Military Intelligence.

Bryce Tyson

Bryce Tyson is in his fourth year at the United States Military Academy. A native of Greenville, South Carolina, Tyson received his USMA appointment in 2010, and currently studies Computer Science at the Academy. He is in his fourth year as a member of WKDT, the Cadet Radio Station at West Point. In January of 2011, he took over WKDT's Sports Broadcasting Department, and in January of 2013, he became the station's General Manager.