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Phylogenetic Tree Software

Parallel Computing

In the multi-core age, parallel computing offers us ways to quickly (and cheaply) analyze large datasets. My students and I have explored creating novel parallel algorithms for data analysis in several domains, including computational biology, author attribution, power engineering, and mathematics.

Single Board Computers

Single Board Computers (SBCs) are a class of devices in which the entirety of the computer is on a single circuit board. My work in this domain has mainly centered on exploring the educational and military applications of two such such devices (the Parallella and the Raspberry Pi), particularly when organized in a Beowulf cluster.

Computational Phylogenetics and Biology

This was my dissertation area. Computational Biology encompasses the creation of algorithms and methods for solving problems in the domain of biology. Computational Phylogenetics is a sub-domain of computational biology that deals specifically with phylogenetic data.